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Our math courses go way beyond the curriculum. They're at the level of competitions like MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8, and AMC 10.

Then we add personality: real, interesting people. Our new tech blows up interactivity online (and looks nice). It's the fun of Instagram Live and Twitch, applied to serious education, for the first time.


Algebra Basics




Number Theory

Meet the Math Streamers

Vivian Loh

Vivian was the first girl ever to win the Pennsylvania MATHCOUNTS competition, after 36 years. She qualified for the USA Math Olympiad Program (MOP) after 9th grade, and qualified for Math Prize for Girls (MPFG) several times. She loves teaching, interacting with the math community, and writing problems.

Eddie Kong

Eddie was the Ohio State MATHCOUNTS Champion, and has been coaching the middle school MATHCOUNTS team for two years. He also has a passion for language learning and international cultures. He is fluent in Mandarin and Shanghainese, conversational in Spanish, and learning Japanese.

Angela Cai

Angela is Co-President of the INTEGIRLS-NYC Chapter, and a senior at Stuyvesant High School in New York City. She taught herself competition math very rapidly, mainly starting from high school. She is a Math Prize for Girls (MPFG) qualifier.

Shankar Subramani

Shankar has coached students in a wide variety of competitions in math and science. He has participated in MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8, placed top 5 in his state's math competition, and qualified for the AIME. His hobbies include listening to music and learning chemistry.

Audrey Lim

Audrey represented Nevada at MATHCOUNTS Nationals. She was a USA Biology Olympiad semifinalist, and was the principal violist at NYO2 2021 (Carnegie Hall). She's President of the Davidson Academy Math Club, and designs and delivers content for the club's summer and winter camps.

Evan Lim

Evan was the Nevada State MATHCOUNTS Champion. He has qualified for AIME since 7th grade, and is Vice President of his school's Math Club. Apart from math, he enjoys skiing, learning about aviation, following the St. Louis Blues, viola, and eating bread.

Nastia Rudenko

Nastia was on the 4-person Ukranian national team to the 2018 European Girls' Math Olympiad. Her favorite math subject is Geometry, and she was a winner of the International Sharygin Geometry Olympiad. She participated in many summer camps in math and computer programming. She also enjoys tennis and painting.

Learn from the brilliant high school students in Po-Shen Loh's nationwide program which finds exceptional math students and teaches them improvisational comedy and performance. They hone magnetic communication skills by live-streaming their teaching.

The application process is as competitive as top college admission.

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Status Quo



In-Video Chat

You're not alone anymore. We've solved the problem of Zoom class being so boring that everyone secretly watches YouTube instead. The breakthrough was to put the chat on-screen, as a centerpiece to focus discussion and interaction. How? By moderating it. A feature that is not available in Zoom.




Improv Comedy

In each class, two live-streamers teach 40 students. Ideas flow in so many more ways, and elevate the excitement level of the class. This teaching style is our unique combination of performance techniques from improv comedy, combined with broad math expertise.


Powered by Po-Shen Loh

Live interaction? Or professional math insight and expertise, with crystal clear, polished, explanations? Who says you can't have both? Our live-streamers multiply the Prof. Loh effect by interspersing his short pre-recorded clips. With our technology, when they smoothly ask, “Prof. Loh, what do you think?”, it's just like he's in the room too.


Rolling Enrollment

We've cracked the code. Online courses are now more lively than in person. This lets us create class cohorts without geographical limitations. You don't have to squeeze your schedule around an 8pm class, or wait for the next season to enroll in a camp. Just share your times of availability, and our system will automatically search for schedules that match. We'll contact you as soon as we have one.

Actual Class Footage

Words can't describe how engaging and immersive this new experience is. See our techniques at work in this compilation video from a real hour of class led by two former MATHCOUNTS state champions. Video from students in the class has been removed for privacy.



The backbone of middle school math competitions. Efficiently covers important topics that are not part of standard school curriculum. Modules are available for a wide range of levels, from middle and elementary school students familiar with Pre-Algebra, to high school students who need to learn Combinatorics and Number Theory for high school math contests.

Hours per Module

Bite-sized classes. Structured around big questions that you get to think about, and discuss your ideas. Our streamers improvisationally lead students to discover how their ideas could contribute to a solution, before Prof. Loh's segment provides comprehensive coverage.

Carefully Designed Problems

Each module contains over 150 specially crafted problems, each of which teaches new concepts. Many are quite challenging. You'll discover abilities you never knew you had. Includes homeworks and practice tests.

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Each course costs $399, for 20 hours of instruction (~$20/hour).

Want to join our next course? You're in luck. We are running a comprehensive and systematic summer program. It's the most efficient and enjoyable way to learn math this summer, from the comfort of your own home. View the full breadth of our offerings by clicking on the button below.

Sample Experience

We regularly hold free public live sessions to review problems from national math competitions. Many of these are official collaborations. See our signature style in action by joining one. Upcoming:

MATHCOUNTS State Competition Live Solve (official collaboration): Wed Apr 13, 8–9pm Eastern

Course Info Sessions

Prof. Loh regularly holds interactive information sessions for parents. In them, he discusses our educational philosophy, and explains our new teaching techniques. He'll also answer any questions you have about anything in education.

Upcoming info sessions:

  • Thu May 26, 8–9pm Eastern
  • Thu Jun 2, 10–11pm Eastern

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We'd love to talk. We want to help you find the best learning resources for your students. If it's not ours, we'll point you elsewhere. We understand the landscape, and created this because we know it's the best fit for many students. Email us any time at course-consulting@poshenloh.com.