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Live Solve 3.3.2024


Problems solved live

Every other Friday

With expert cohosts

And Po-Shen Loh

Leap Ahead

We're thrilled to officially collaborate with Math Kangaroo to run bi-weekly LIVE Solves. We'll use a new technique we've pioneered to help middle school students learn to love challenging math. We equip brilliant and approachable high school students with the latest technology, transforming Zoom to become unrecognizably lively.

It's as if Instagram Live and Twitch got into education.

Po-Shen Loh will live-stream together with pairs of high school co-hosts. The twist: they won't look at the problems beforehand. You'll get to see how expert solvers think on the spot.

Register Now

Registration is free. Limited to 2,000 people.

Click any button to register for our LIVE solve for that grade level of Math Kangaroo. Since different grade levels have different registration buttons, you can click several buttons to register for several sessions. The next sessions are at the following times (in your local time zone).

Grade 3–4
Next session on Apr 15, 2024 at 12:00am
Grade 5–6
Next session on Mar 3, 2024 at 11:00pm
Grade 7–8
Next session on Mar 25, 2024 at 12:00am

Each level's session repeats every 8 weeks. Since there are 4 levels, we run a Math Kangaroo LIVE Solve every 2 weeks.

Next Event Details

Official Math Kangaroo LIVE Solve (Grade 5–6)

Mar 3, 2024 at 11:00pm (in your local time zone)

Co-Hosted by Po-Shen Loh, With:

Learn Like This

We've created an entire curriculum and academic year program based on this new way of learning. It's designed by Po-Shen Loh, and is serious math. It combines live video and incredible high school students, using our custom technology which transforms the Zoom experience. You can learn every topic in middle school math competitions in this way.

Our goal: enable you to discover abilities you didn't know you had, while loving every moment.

Learn LIVE

Free Demo Class and Info Session

Prof. Loh regularly holds interactive information sessions for parents, where he explains the power of our teaching philosophy and our new live video technology. He also explains the curriculum, and guides parents on what courses their students should start with.

Upcoming info sessions, with times listed in your time zone. Grayed-out sessions are full. Click to register:

Contact Us

We'd love to talk. We want to help you find the best learning resources for your students. If it's not ours, we'll point you elsewhere. We understand the landscape, and created LIVE because we know it's the best fit for many students. Email us any time at course-consulting@poshenloh.com.

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