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We're thrilled to officially collaborate with competitions around the globe to run video Live Solves. We use the signature style we pioneered to help middle school students learn to love challenging math. We equip brilliant and approachable high school students with the latest technology, transforming Zoom to become unrecognizably lively.

It's as if Instagram Live and Twitch got into education.

Throughout the year, talented high school co-hosts will live-stream. The twist: they won't look at the problems beforehand. You'll get to see how expert solvers think on the spot.

All shows will be viewable at this link:

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LIVE Solve: Junior Mathematicians Problem Solving Competition

Aug 14, 2022 at 11:00 pm

(in your local time zone)

Featuring Cohosts:
Profile picture for Aiden Wen

National MATHCOUNTS competitor for Texas • USAJMO Honorable Mention • Captain of Science Bowl team

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Profile picture for Megan Davi

National MATHCOUNTS competitor for Nevada • MPFG qualifier • Plays violin and speaks Spanish

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Official Math Kangaroo LIVE Solve (Grade 5–6)

Aug 27, 2022 at 12:00 am

(in your local time zone)

Featuring Cohosts:
Profile picture for Eesha Jain

Top 5 in local math competition • Third place National Science Bowl team • Enjoys programming

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Profile picture for Alon Ragoler

National MATHCOUNTS competitor for Washington • Perfect score on AMC 8 • Enjoys web development, playing instruments (piano + snare drum)

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