LIVE Math Scholarship: learn from stars


Casting Call

Extraordinary motivation and talent are everywhere, but not everyone gets to develop that talent. Until now.

Do you dream of unlocking your brain’s potential? Want to challenge yourself beyond your limits, coached by incredible people who have been-there-done-that themselves too?

If you are in 6th or 7th grade and eligible for free/reduced lunch at Title I schools, you can apply for a life-changing scholarship to LIVE math classes.

Learn From Stars

You'll learn from the largest team of star math coaches in history, who are brilliant at both math and performance. They use our unique technology that makes live video teaching as engaging as Instagram Live, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch. We've turned Zoom math class into this:

Our star coaches are high school students who have excelled in state and national math and science competitions. They love to help others and are at the perfect age to be mentors and role models for 6th and 7th grade students. With performance training from professional comedians, actors, and actresses, they make math class both challenging and fun.

We talk a lot about our star coaches for good reason; they’re on their own paths to breakout success. The graduates from last year are now students at UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and University of Pennsylvania. They have big dreams to combat climate change, find cures to rare diseases, and make the world a kinder place.

Professional Leadership

Our star coaches are part of a novel nationwide talent development program for extraordinary math high schoolers, led by Carnegie Mellon University Professor Po-Shen Loh. He has been working alongside the USA's most extraordinary math talent for two decades, ever since he himself was on the USA International Math Olympiad team as a high schooler. He observed the pathway of talent development as he continued his studies at Caltech, Cambridge, and Princeton, and later as the national coach of the USA International Math Olympiad team.


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Algebra Basics

Students meet via Zoom for one hour twice a week and expected to attend and participate in all classes. Normally, this would cost $2,000 per year. Thanks to generous donors, accepted students will receive scholarships covering 90% to 100% of the class costs. The remaining cost is at most $2 per hour.

This intensive immersion experience is designed to be transformative and fun. We designed the curriculum to align with the most prestigious middle school math competitions in the USA, like MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8, and Mathleague.org. Students will learn topics that have been specially designed for extracurricular math competitions, and will prepare them for advanced high school math classes and beyond. Click on the icon above to see the topics covered in class.

Focus Cities

Community, trust, and personal relationships are the cornerstone of coaching excellence. Our scholarship program is organized around regional cohorts. Each cohort consists of about 25 students in 6th or 7th grade, coming from 4 to 5 partner schools. Students from these schools are regularly updated about new cohorts and in-person events. Contact us to become a partner school.

  • Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys
  • Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women
  • James McHenry Elementary/Middle School
  • Lillie May Carroll Jackson School
  • Hamilton Elementary/Middle School
  • Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School
  • Mater Academy Charter Middle School
  • Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School
  • Coral Way K–8 Bilingual Center
  • North Miami Middle School
New York City
  • I.S. 223 The Montauk
  • K588 Middle School for Art and Philosophy
  • SMMS 366 Science and Medicine Middle School
  • MS 258 Community Action School
  • PS/IS 76 A Phillip Randolph
  • PS/IS 180 Hugo Newman College Preparatory School
  • MS 421 West Prep Academy
  • MS 247 Dual Language Middle School
  • PS 185 The Locke School of Arts And Engineering
Trenton / Camden / Philadelphia
  • STEMCivics

We expect to add Dallas, San Antonio, San Francisco, Sacramento Valley, rural parts of Iowa, and Las Vegas this year.


Ambitious and curious 6th or 7th graders eligible for free/reduced lunch at Title I schools can apply below. Exceptional 5th graders will be considered. Teachers can nominate students, briefly highlighting their math skills and learning motivation.

It's important to provide detailed responses to personal questions and when explaining your mathematical thinking. We put equal emphasis on correct answers and your mathematical reasoning. Your motivations, goals, and how you think mathematically are important to us.

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Contact Us

If you have questions about this opportunity, or would like to contribute to opening a new regional scholarship hub, please email us at scholarship@poshenloh.com. We welcome two kinds of support: financial contributions for scholarships and partnerships with community organizations focused on empowering middle school students with barriers to reach their full potential.

Thank You

This scholarship program is possible because of the generosity of donors. We are thrilled to acknowledge Dexter Senft and an anonymous donor, who together launched this program.