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We're thrilled to announce scholarships for exceptionally motivated and skilled students, who are economically disadvantaged. They'll get to learn really challenging math in a way that is as engaging as entertainment.

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Thanks to donor generosity, our LIVE classes are now accessible to even more students, through scholarships. Each of our scholarship programs develops a regional cohort of extraordinary middle school students, who learn together online, and also meet at in person events. Eligibility requirements for students first cohort are that they must be eligible for free/reduced lunch.


This program is directly led by Po-Shen Loh, a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University who is a professional in coaching extraordinarily talented math students. Scholarship recipients will be directly guided by brilliant near-peers who have been selected for their math skill, and who have been trained in improvisational comedy and performance.

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Algebra Basics

Students will meet 3 times per week for 1 hour each, for 16 weeks. This intensive immersion is designed to be transformative, and fun. The curriculum is aligned with the most prestigious middle school math competitions in the USA, particularly MATHCOUNTS. Students will learn the topics in two classes which have been specially designed for extracurricular math competitions. Click on either of the icons above to see the topics covered in each of those classes.


Everyone is busy, so the application process is very simple. Each teacher may nominate up to 2 students per class that they teach, by writing two sentence about each student: about their math skill and their motivation.

Each nominated student should also submit an application below, where they will solve some math problems, and explain their interest in this opportunity.

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If you have questions about this opportunity, or would like to contribute to opening a new regional scholarship hub, please email us at Two types of resources are helpful: financial support for scholarships, and relationships with community organizations that work with disadvantaged youth.