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Join a World-Changing Team

We have revolutionized online education. We transformed live-video teaching to be vividly human, inspiring, and fun.

Our team is led by world-famous math professor . He first came to Romania in 1999, when he won a silver medal at the International Math Olympiad. He has since come to Romania many times, as the national coach of the USA team at the Romanian Master of Mathematics, and the International Math Olympiad.

We are creating many internships and high-quality jobs, which will give ambitious people experience and competitive distinctions.

The team includes many of the most brilliant and personable high school students in the USA. Together, we produce the world's best live online math classes:

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Jobs and Internships

Want to join a winning team with an extensive network of opportunities and respect throughout the USA? We have many part-time remote-work opportunities. Some of them are highly competitive, and represent distinctions of their own, such as our Star (Instructor) position. We are open to hiring university graduates, as well as university and high school student interns who work part-time during their studies.

Live-Video Math Instructor

Teach math to classes of middle school students through live video calls.

Requirements: Have a strong background in math competitions. Be able to solve any middle school math contest problem without preparation, and have a 99%+ reliable Internet connection with at least 10 Mbps upload and download speed.

Teaching Assistant

Use your math skills to support live math classes through text. Meanwhile, learn a revolutionary new way of teaching.

Requirements: Have a strong math competition background, or at least one year of university-level math. Love helping people. Love creating thoroughly satisfying learning experiences.


Coordinate real-time operations during class, communicate with students and parents, and manage logistics between classes.

Requirements: Love attending to fine details while working on a winning team and delivering a revolutionary product. Commitment to delivering an excellent learning experience. Creative and flexible in overcoming issues that arise in real-time.


Create striking visuals, animations, or logos which inspire confidence in a revolutionary, category-defining service. Unique opportunity to design boldly.

Requirements: Visual creativity, with the imagination to envision compelling and confident graphics. Should think a step ahead of the rest of the world, so as to inspire emotions that make people feel like they are witnessing the future.

Video Creator

Create high-impact and compelling short advertising videos, drawing from footage from the most engaging live video math classes in the world.

Requirements: Experience cutting and arranging video footage to tell powerful stories and inspire emotion. Have an eye for detail and the instinct to capture the viewer's attention.

Contact Us

If you have questions about these opportunities, please email us at support@poshenloh.com.