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Just in time for the upcoming competition season, we're offering a new way to dive deep into AMC 8 problems. Join our brilliant math stars for a special 8-week LIVE program to review the solutions — available for free.

Now’s the time to unlock access to a math program that doesn't only accelerate, but captivates. See it for yourself in this raw (unedited) video capture.

AMC 8 Problem Review

Our special program offers 8 LIVE sessions that dive into past AMC 8 contests. This series will take place from 11/19/2022–1/21/2023, once per week. During each session, two LIVE math stars will present a fantastic math show while solving a complete AMC 8 problem set.

All problems are used with permission of the Mathematical Association of America.

Why Learn With LIVE?

We've shattered expectations of the “Zoom classroom” to make math education unrecognizably lively. Our community of high school math stars will help launch the potential of your student for the upcoming competition season.

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    Math competition season is approaching! I’m excited to kick off this year's AMC 8 prep with LIVE, by Po-Shen Loh. They are offering a free 8-week program to review problems of years past in a brand new format. Join in:

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  4. We will grant you access to the AMC 8 problem review sessions.

Learn Like This

We've created an entire curriculum and academic year program based on this new way of learning. It's designed by Po-Shen Loh, and is serious math. It combines live video and incredible high school students, using our custom technology which transforms the Zoom experience. You can learn every topic in middle school math competitions in this way.

Our goal: enable you to discover abilities you didn't know you had, while loving every moment.

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Course Info Sessions

Prof. Loh regularly holds interactive information sessions for parents, where he explains the power of our teaching philosophy and our new live video technology. He also explains the curriculum, and guides parents on what courses their students should start with.

Upcoming info sessions, with times listed in your time zone. Grayed-out sessions are full. Click to register:

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We'd love to talk. We want to help you find the best learning resources for your students. If it's not ours, we'll point you elsewhere. We understand the landscape, and created LIVE because we know it's the best fit for many students. Email us any time at

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