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Shatter your expectations of what online math looks like.

Welcome to this summer's most efficient and enjoyable online math camp. Our full curriculum takes students from Pre-Algebra all the way to middle and high school math competitions such as MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8, and AMC 10.

We've invented a way to make education as engaging as Instagram Live and Twitch, while lifting students far beyond the regular curriculum.

It actually looks and feels like what you just scrolled past.

If you haven't seen our revolutionary format, created by Prof. Po-Shen Loh, visit our introduction:

About teaching style


Our curriculum and teaching style were custom-designed by Prof. Po-Shen Loh. Through live interactive video, students develop mathematical creativity by brainstorming their own ideas for solving unfamiliar problems. They then receive expert guidance to see how their ideas can become solutions. The topics systematically cover the concepts in middle school (MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8) and early high school (AMC 10, AMC 12, AIME) math competitions.

Importantly, although the courses will significantly boost performance on math competitions, the teaching environment and content welcomes, encourages, and inspires students who are uninterested in math competitions. Our live courses give all students a new view of how interesting math can be, in a non-competitive environment. Each course module contains 20+ hours of class meeting time.

Learning Placement

Answer a few questions, and we will recommend a track.

¿Ya tomaste clases extraescolares sistemáticas para concurso de Matemáticas más avanzadas que Algebra?

Summer Camp: LIVE Beginner Booster

We timed our summer courses to make it easy for students to join them as a 4-week, half-day math camp. Each bundle, consisting of our Introduction (Module 0) and Algebra Basics (Module 1) courses, provides an efficient and fun foundation for mathematical creativity (and math contests).

Courses are priced at ~$20/hour.

The courses can also be taken separately, for students who wish to take only 1 hour of math each day, or to have their 2 hours of math separated by a longer break. For separate courses:

Las clases comienzan en Julio
Icono para Introduction interleaved with Algebra Basics
Ma/Mi/J/V/L 12:00–2:30am desde {{firstDateM}/{{firstDateD}}

Introduction interleaved with Algebra Basics




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Ma/Mi/J/V/L 5:00–7:30pm desde {{firstDateM}/{{firstDateD}}

Introduction interleaved with Algebra Basics




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Ma/Mi/J/V/L 8:00–10:30pm desde {{firstDateM}/{{firstDateD}}

Introduction interleaved with Algebra Basics




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Ma/Mi/J/V/L 2:00–4:30pm desde {{firstDateM}/{{firstDateD}}

Introduction interleaved with Algebra Basics




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Individual Courses

If none of these dates, times, and levels work for you, just submit a custom request. We will open new class dates and times when enough people submit overlapping requests. Or, you can choose to take our self-paced versions of these courses, which contain all of Prof. Loh's teaching.

Submit custom request

Free Demo Class and Info Session

El Prof. Loh da sesiones interactivas informativas para los padres donde explica nuestra filosofía educativa y nuestra tecnologia de video en vivo. Tambien explica nuestro plan de estudios y guia a los padres sobre cuales cursos serian mejores para sus hijos y hijas.

Las Próximas clases demostrativas, con horarios según tu zona horaria. Las clases en gris estan llenas (haz clic para registrarte):

Poliza De Reembolso

Las solicitudes de reembolso no se aceptaran despues de la segunda sesion del estudiante de LIVE; Cantidad revuelta: 75% reembolso en el metodo original de pago o 100% reembolso en creditos para cursos.

Contact Us

Nos encantaría conversar contigo. Queremos ayudarte a encontrar los mejores recursos de aprendizaje para tus estudiantes. Si este no es el camino, te indicaremos a donde ir. Nosotros entendemos el panorama y creamos esta plataforma porque sabemos que les sirve a muchos estudiantes. Envíanos un correo electrónico cuando quieras a course-consulting@poshenloh.com.

Para enterarte de todas las oportunidades, únete a nuestra lista de correo electrónico para recibir los boletines informativos para padres y madres ocupados. Recibirás información actualizada sobre matemáticas y educación cada dos semanas.