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Chapter Competition Review Mar 15


Learn the solutions

From lively experts

Making hard math fun

With Po-Shen Loh

LIVE Review of 2024 MATHCOUNTS

Join an unbelievably lively review of the 2024 MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition problems and solutions, led by expert solvers who turn math into performance art. We'll use the new live video teaching technique we've pioneered to help middle school students learn to love challenging math.

It's as if Instagram Live and Twitch got into education.

On Fri Mar 15, from 8–9pm Eastern Time, Professor Po-Shen Loh and four LIVE math stars will go on air, and comprehensively discuss the problems from this year's MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition. The twist: our co-stars have professional experience solving problems on the spot, so they will intentionally not look at the problems beforehand.

Meet the Co-Stars

Elena Baskakova 的头像

2022 USAJMO(美国青年数学奥林匹克)获胜者 • 2022年入选MOP(美国数学奥林匹克夏令营) • 当地中学数学校队教练 • 2023 麻省理工PRIMES成员


Evan Lim 的头像

内华达州MATHCOUNTS州冠军 • 入选USAJMO(美国青年数学奥林匹克)资格赛 • 圣路易斯蓝调冰球队的支持者


Jessie Wang 的头像

入选USAJMO(美国青年数学奥林匹克) • 两次入围德克萨斯州MATHCOUNTS州级赛 • 喜欢看冰球比赛,也喜欢和她的小狗一起玩


Akshay Subramanian 的头像

AIME qualifier • 2nd place IML (Illinois Math League Competition) • Mathcounts State qualifier from Illinois • Enjoys playing on high school tennis team •


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Register for free to obtain the 2024 MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition LIVE Solve link. Every registrant will be able to watch live, regardless of how many people register. The Zoom meeting room (in which participants also directly chat with the presenters, in addition to watching), is limited to the first 1,000 people who join the meeting on the event day. All other registered participants will join an alternative link, where they can watch live, and chat with other participants on YouTube.

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The MATHCOUNTS Competition Series is a U.S. program where students in grades 6-8 compete in live contests against and alongside their peers. Learn more on their official website, and join the MATHCOUNTS mailing list to get updates when registration opens for the 2024–2025 school year!

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我们基于这种新的学习方式创建了一个完整的课程和学年计划。它由 Po-Shen Loh 设计,是严肃的数学。它结合了现场视频和令人难以置信的高中生,使用我们改变 Zoom 体验的定制技术,您可以通过这种方式学习中学数学竞赛中的每个主题。


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