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LIVE, by Po-Shen Loh is the first and only online math course that captivates, taught by brilliant instructors who are skilled in improvisational comedy and performance. To learn more about our revolutionary teaching method, visit our homepage.

This trial class will cover the material from LIVE Module 0 Day 1. Normally a $22 value, attend this 1-hour class for only $1 at any of the times listed below.

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After entering your information, select a date and time to register for (in your local time zone). If a session stays grayed-out even after entering your information, it is full.

Note: Module 0 is recommended for students who have an understanding of 6th grade math. Students who score more than 80% on the prerequisite check and less than 70% on the place-out exam are suitable for this class. For any questions, email course-consulting@poshenloh.com.

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Nos encantaría conversar contigo. Queremos ayudarte a encontrar los mejores recursos de aprendizaje para tus estudiantes. Si este no es el camino, te indicaremos a donde ir. Nosotros entendemos el panorama y creamos esta plataforma porque sabemos que les sirve a muchos estudiantes. Envíanos un correo electrónico cuando quieras a course-consulting@poshenloh.com.

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